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Rejected College Recruit Motivated into NFL Standout

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Mike Tanier, “‘Maniac’ Darius Leonard Has Gone from Clemson Castoff to Rookie NFL Sensation” Bleacher Report (10-26-18)

Darius Leonard has practiced the pivot from feeling disrespected to feeling motivated and being at peace. It’s a pivot he’s done plenty of ...

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Fake Minister Performs Identity Theft on Wedding Party

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: David Moye, “Man Poses as Minister to Steal Bridesmaids’ Credit Card Info: Police,” The Huffington Post (10-26-18)

If a high-profile pastor officiating a wedding upstages the bride and groom, people might refer to that as “stealing the show.” One officiant ...

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'Tis the Season for Regifting

Jill Carattini, “Mathoms and Myrrh,” A Slice of Infinity (1-06-17)

The ethics of regifting is always a hot discussion at Christmastime and the weeks that follow various office parties and family exchanges. Apparently, ...

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You (and NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins) Are Going to Die

Matt Woodley, Editor, source: Nick Lannon, “You (and Kirk Cousins) Are Going to Die,” Mockingbird blog (11-2-18)

Kirk Cousins, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, has a sculpture outside his house with an odd purpose: it’s intended to remind him that ...

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Comedian Russell Brand’s Fear of Atheism

Russell Brand, “Is There Any Point With God?,” Under the Skin Podcast (07/26/2017); submitted Van Morris, Mt. Washington, Ky.

On an episode of the podcast Under the Skin with Russell Brand, actor and comedian Russell Brand explained his fear of atheism:

My fear of atheism is, ...

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