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Inspired by Facebook Post, Woman Donates Kidney to Stranger

Martha Olsen has been a mail carrier for nineteen years. But her greatest delivery might have been good news to a family in need. An avid marathoner, ...

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Audacious NFL Walk-On Rookie Scored 86-Yard TD

In a preseason game against Washington, Cleveland Browns rookie receiver Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi returned a punt 86 yards for a touchdown. Not only were ...

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What’s the Point of Marriage?

Author Heather Havrilesky recently wrote in an article titled “Is Marriage Obsolete?”:

Isn’t it reasonable to question the value of a ...
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Secular World Puzzled About Authenticity

Scientific American magazine reports a lot of confusion and disagreement as to exactly what is genuine authenticity. We are taught to be ourselves and ...

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Plimsoll, the Seaman’s Friend, Campaigned Against ‘Coffin Ships’

In the mid-1800s working as a seaman in Great Britain was a dangerous job. Shady ship owners tried to maximize profits by overloading their ships. These ...

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