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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Singleness to help bring your sermon to life.

The Legitimacy of Singleness

I believe most Christians don't subscribe to the legitimacy of singleness. I am convinced that is the reason for so much pain and hurt in the church ...

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Singleness Is Not a Disease

Singleness is not a disease for which the only known cure is marriage.

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"Sex and the City" Is Not Real Life

"It's much more fun being single on Sex And The City than it is in real life."
Actress Kim Cattrall, one of the stars of the show

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Ben Affleck on His "Fantasy" Life

In an interview, movie star Ben Affleck was asked, "Can you at least touch on the idea of sex in Hollywood? To most men around the world, you're living ...

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More Women Are Single than Married

According to a January 2007 article in the New York Times, 51 percent of women lived without a spouse in 2006. This marks the first time in American history ...

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Dangers of Cohabitation

In a 2007 edition of the New Oxford Review, Dr. A. Patrick Schneider II, who holds boards in family and geriatric medicine and runs a private practice ...

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"Wall•E": Our Need for Relationships

The movie Wall•E is about a lonely robot who for 700 years has been cleaning up the trash left behind by humans on an abandoned planet. Wall•E ...

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Wendell Berry’s Story about Marital Faithfulness

In his novel Jayber Crow, Wendell Berry tells the story of a gentle barber who opens his shop and then spends the rest of his life in the fictional town ...

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Pastor Encourages a Young Woman to Live Celibate

Eugene Peterson shares a story about a completely unchurched young woman who started attending his church and made a genuine commitment to follow Jesus. ...

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Fears of Divorce Drive Young Adults to Avoid Marriage

A 2011 research study on single men and women aged 18-36 found widespread fears about divorce—even among those whose parents hadn't divorced. The ...

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