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The Emotionally Honest Preacher

How strong leadership and vulnerability work together.


Peter Scazzero

The Life Cycle of the Sermon

Most sermons follow a similar pattern: birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.
Peter Scazzero
John E. Johnson

4 Keys to Prepare Your Soul to Preach

Out of the depths with God a fire has been placed in our own souls.
John Johnson

The Calling to Preach

John R. W. Stott

Live, Grow, and Flourish

Three convictions about the church and its preaching
John Stott
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Character & Integrity

Steve Luxa

The Spiritual Discipline of Sermon Prep

While we prepare a sermon God prepares the preacher.
Steve Luxa
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Power of the Holy Spirit

Ken Ulmer

Letting God Control the Message

We must prepare, but we cannot anticipate the sovereign God's ultimate plan for a sermon.
Ken Ulmer
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Rest & Sabbath

Kevin O'Brien

How's Your Soul, Preacher?

Sabbath reconnects us with God, community connects Scripture to our hearer’s lives, and preaching is more than an encouraging word.
Kevin O'Brien
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Spiritual & Physical Health

A. J. Swoboda

5 Ways to Recover 'After' Your Sermon

When the lights are off, the sermon is done, and everyone's gone home, how do you handle the lows of preaching?
A.J. Swoboda
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