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5 Ways to Recover 'After' Your Sermon

When the lights are off, the sermon is done, and everyone's gone home, how do you handle the lows of preaching?
5 Ways to Recover 'After' Your Sermon

A preacher's life is full of all kinds of confusing stuff that their congregation probably knows little or nothing about (and probably don't want to). Stuff like our occasional doubts after we preach some doctrinal point to God's people, or the anger preachers have to preach through after just having had a five minute argument with their spouse in the back hallway of the church, or the sheer insecurity preachers face every single week about their own vocational calling. One more: How to recover from a sermon.

How do we recover from the high of preaching? Before entering ministry, it was never pointed out to me that once the sermon was finished, I would experience alternating waves of emotional distress, adrenaline overload, and temptation. Even though there are occupational hazards to preaching, there is also nothing, and I mean nothing, like looking at the people God has asked you to serve and seeing that they get it. When something clicks. Because when that happens, it's ...

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