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Feeling Insecure about My Preaching

When others suggest how you can improve

This morning at Starbucks a good friend gave some input on my preaching. He was encouraging and affirming. But he had some suggestions for how my preaching could be improved. After thinking and praying about these suggestions, I believe they are good and wise.

But still …

Here I am, studying for Sunday's sermon on the Beatitudes, and feeling

Insecure: What else is wrong with my preaching?
Fearful: Can I improve in these areas?
Defensive: But I work really hard on my preaching!
Worried: What if Sunday's sermon is a train-wreck?

I can tell there's a problem. I'm not fully trusting Jesus. So I thought I should stop and bring this to the Father, so he can change my heart.

I believe it was Spurgeon who said God has a promise for every problem, which means God has promises in his Word for what I'm facing right now. So I'm going to ask God to lead me to helpful promises, which I will pray over until the Spirit strengthens my faith and changes my heart.

Here's the first promise that comes to mind.

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