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5 Veins of Deep Preaching

When our church said, "We want deeper preaching," here's what they meant.

Several years ago, our teaching team decided it would be good for us to get some feedback from our people about our preaching. Their overwhelming response was "We want deeper messages." I was surprised and a little taken back by this since I felt that we already were creating reasonably deep messages. We decided to probe further by asking people what depth meant to them. Again their answers surprised and confused us. While everyone wanted deeper messages, they differed widely on what "deeper" meant. Not only were our messages missing the target for many people, they disagreed on what the target actually was.

After analyzing their responses further, though, the feedback started to make sense. We were able to group people's ideas about deeper preaching into five areas, and we began thinking through how to increase the depth of our sermons in each of these areas. As we began viewing depth as a multifaceted reality, it revolutionized the way we planned series and developed messages. Our preaching ...

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Paul Noble

July 09, 2012  1:34pm

This is a great article - in fact I made a excell spreadsheet with four quandrants to try and incorporate the ideas - Q1 Biblical Depth - Q2 Intellectual Depth - Q3 Cultural Depth and Q4 Applicational Depth - Thanks PBN

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joselito umali

September 07, 2010  4:19pm

Wow! This article answers my personal confusion on what a deep message is. In deed, crafting a deep sermonic message is not easy but it's totally rewarding; the differet categories of depthness really help me a lot to prepare and serve a balance and healthy diet for my congregation.

Sam Owens

September 06, 2010  10:01am

This was a very timely article for me. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am a 67 year old pastor preaching weekly to a congregation of mostly twenty and thirty year old military families. Staying fresh and relevant for a totally different generation is not easy for me, but I think I found in this article some much needed help.

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