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Vulnerability vs. Spiritual Exhibitionism

On the one hand, no minister can keep his own experience of life hidden from those he wants to help. Nor should he want to keep it hidden. While a doctor ...

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Losing God

Even sermon making, incessant and taxing as an art, as a duty, as a work, or as a pleasure, will harden and estrange the heart by neglect of prayer from ...

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Composer and Score

An awe for the composer, God, is necessary before a pastor can fully understand his score, the Bible.

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The King of Preachers

Jesus' preaching was attractive; he sought above all means to set the pearl in a frame of gold, that it might attract the attention of the people. ...

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Walking Sermon

As our pastor's sermon stretched on, my daughter grew impatient and started to talk.

"Shh," I whispered. "I want to hear the sermon." ...

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Sermons Should Direct

What a shame for people to leave church services unaware of what they are to do or to stop doing.

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Groping for Knowledge

Einstein was once asked how he worked. "I grope," was his reply.

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Nourishing Sermons

In a recent issue of GLASS Window, a contributor recalls that several years ago, The British Weekly published this provocative letter:

"Dear Sir: ...

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One proud, surly, lordly word, one needless contention, one covetous action may cut the throat of many a sermon, and blast the fruit of all that you have ...

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Offering-Plate IOUs

Head usher, to the pastor: "Your stewardship sermons are improving. Still no money, but a lot more IOUs."

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