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Jerry Seinfeld's Intense Dedication to His Craft

Some people make their craft look easy, but there are often years of discipline and practice behind their craft. Consider the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. If he makes people laugh it's because every word is chosen carefully and the timing of his delivery has been honed and practiced with rigorous discipline. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Seinfeld talks about the thousands and thousands of pages of notes he has taken on his jokes:

I don't want people to know how much work I put into it. I just think it's more fun when it seems off the cuff. You want things that are just fun to say. It's fun to say Cocoa Crisp and Fruity Pebbles. It's not fun to say Oat Bran. Pops has a consonant strength that Froot Loops does not have. Frosted Flakes? Soft. Sugar Pops is on the end and not by coincidence. I plan that out.

The editing process takes time, focus, and diligence. Seinfeld added, "You're always trying to trim everything down to absolute rock, solid rock. I will sit there for 15 minutes to make it one syllable shorter."

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