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The Silence of Ministers on the Issue of Abortion

Though the following article appeared some 15 years ago, it holds true today. World Magazine, in a piece called “Silence of the Shepherds,” documented the silence of ministers on the issue of abortion using two methods.

First, it asked 20 well-known Christian leaders to provide a full sermon they had preached on the topic of abortion. Only six of the 20 were able to do so. Just three more supplied a sermon excerpt that addressed abortion.

Second, it used the results of a study conducted by a Regent University student for her master’s thesis. She surveyed 104 pastors from evangelical, charismatic, mainline, and fundamentalist churches in the South Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Seventy-six percent of pastors agreed that life begins at conception. Sixty-nine percent said the church should speak out on abortion. Just 39 percent said they had preached a full sermon on abortion. Evangelical ministers had the highest percentage of sermons preached on abortion (58 percent).

The conclusion of Regent student Molly Stone: “The average clergyman does not actively encourage his church to be involved in pro-life activity.” She observed, “Even actions that clergy say are highly acceptable are typically not performed.” While 70 percent of these ministers said crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) were their preferred pro-life organization, the same number said they did not support a CPC.

According to World editor Marvin Olasky, “Only a third ever encouraged walking in a march for life or ever showed a pro-life film. Only one-sixth had endorsed pickets or prayer at abortion clinics. Rescues had been encouraged by 7 percent.”

Source: Brian E. Fisher, Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women, (Morgan James Publishing, 2014), Pages 138-139

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