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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Servant Church to help bring your sermon to life.

Everyone a Servant

For many years, I have attended midweek Eucharists at St. Bede's Episcopal Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One thing I love is the hand-lettered sign ...

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Help Not Wanted

Our pastor was organizing an evangelistic outreach using small acts of kindness to demonstrate Christ's love. He phoned several neighborhood grocery ...

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Film 'The Monuments Men' Shows Faithful Service

In the film The Monuments Men, a woman named Claire Simone (played by Cate Blanchett), lives a very ordinary life in Paris under the oppressive Nazi regime. ...

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A Lesson for the Church from Selling Razors

A man goes into a store to buy some razor blades. They're locked up. He tries to get in, but it's like robbing Fort Knox. No one is around to help. He ...

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