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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Social Gospel to help bring your sermon to life.

Launching Pads for Firecrackers

The church knows it must not violate this world's comfort standards and expect to have attendees. See our fabrics, settle into our cushions, and feel ...

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Support for Abortion Decreases

The American public's support for Roe v. Wade has reached its lowest point since the Supreme Court issued that 1973 decision legalizing abortion, according ...

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Looking for Jesus in the Eyes of the Homeless

In Portland, Oregon, the homeless gather under the Burnside Bridge. For more than three years, carloads of Christians from Bridgetown Ministries have ...

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Religious People Give More than Non-Religious

The Religious Right really does put its money where its mouth is—at least more so than its secular rivals—according to a recent study from ...

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Teen Finds Way to Help Amputees

After a traffic accident took both legs of Grayson Rosenberger's mother, she and her husband formed Standing With Hope—a ministry that reaches out ...

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Woman Decides Against Abortion

Already on the operating room table and moments from an abortion, Anna Chernocke made a life-changing decision—she backed out.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail ...

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What Adults Look for in a Church

According to a recent study, doctrine and church beliefs were found to be the most important reasons why adults switch churches. For those who have regularly ...

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Mother Starts Ministry to Combat Gang Violence

At 15, Raymond Germany didn't heed his mother [Debra's] pleas to leave the "thug life." He became a successful drug dealer, sometimes making $1,000 a ...

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Chicago Ministry Reaches Out to Male Prostitutes

When a gnawing crack addiction engulfed Andy's life almost two decades ago, he abandoned family and friends. He was sleeping on park benches in Chicago's ...

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Former Prisoner Ministers to the Imprisoned

By the time of his 22nd arrest—following a dramatic chase through Miami [that involved] many police cars and much shooting—John Sala had reached ...

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