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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Shepherding to help bring your sermon to life.

Preaching through Prison Bars

Frederick Martin (1704-1750) established the ministry on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. One secret of the success of this native of Upper Silesia ...

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Who's Your Shepherd?

I own a marvelous little book written nearly a quarter of a century ago by a former shepherd, Philip Keller. He titled the book A Shepherd Looks at Psalm ...

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How Much You Care

Those to whom you minister may not always perfectly understand what you say, but they will soon know whether you love them or not. The secret of many ...

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Responsibility for the Church

I beg you, do not look upon [this parish] as a steppingstone, but rather say: Here I shall stay as long as it pleases God; if it be his will, until I ...

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Truly Caring for People

To truly care for people requires not caring too much about their approval or disapproval.

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Doing What God Wants

Mama says everybody loved Uncle Ceph. Cephas Poe was Mama's daddy, but everybody called him Uncle Ceph.

Uncle Ceph pastored in a different world. First ...

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We Aren't God

There is a sense of relief in remembering that I'm not God and am therefore not responsible for being God. ...

Sometimes, as a Bible teacher I feel ...

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Preaching to One

Here's an easy method for testing whether a sermon can deliver: ... Change the setting from a public situation to an individual one. Take away the ...

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His Laps Too Short to Work for God

In a church in Verona stands, or rather sits, a wooden image of St. Zeno, an ancient bishop, with knees so ludicrously short that there is no lap on which ...

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People Who Want Shepherding

People who want to be shepherded tend to stay in the same place.

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