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We Aren't God

There is a sense of relief in remembering that I'm not God and am therefore not responsible for being God. ...

Sometimes, as a Bible teacher I feel that God has put me beside a cliff where people dance close to the edge. I say to them, "Look, if I were you I wouldn't get so close. I have seen people go over, and they always get hurt. Some of them get killed." And they say, "Pastor, I really appreciate your telling me that. I didn't realize it was so dangerous." And then they jump! I have gone to the Lord and said, "Father, I'm tired of standing by this cliff. I tell them not to jump, and they thank me just before jumping. I feel so responsible for the pain." And the Father reminds me through His Word, "Son, you are not responsible for the jumping; you are responsible for the telling. As long as you are faithful, you don't have to play God."

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