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Sermon Illustrations about Single-mindedness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Single-mindedness to help bring your sermon to life.

Researchers Find that Multitaskers Perform Poorly

So you think you can multitask? Texting while driving? No problem. Watching television and reading the Bible? No problem. Checking your email while listening ...

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Accident Victim Undeterred from Proclaiming His Love

Brian Shipwash did not let the possibility of his death stop him from following through with his intentions.

Riding together on his motorcycle, Shipwash ...

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Fan Won’t Give Up Sports for $25 Million

"If somebody offered you $2 million, could you give up sports for two years?" This was the question a sports radio station asked its listeners. ...

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Bob Pierce Demonstrated God's Use of Imperfect People

World Vision Founder Bob Pierce was an extreme version of post-WWII evangelicalism: entrepreneurial, energetic, independent, and out to evangelize the ...

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St. Bernard Gives Up Dogs to Care for People

A controversy has arisen in Switzerland regarding the well known St. Bernard dogs and the accompanying St. Bernard hospice that have kept watch over an ...

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Red Cross Founder Motivated by War's Devastation

Henri Dunant was a wealthy 19th century Swiss banker. He was sent to Paris by the Swiss government to work on a business deal with Napoleon. He arrived ...

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John Wayne on Courage

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway."

—Actor John Wayne (1907–1979)

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Letter from Slain Missionary

This letter was written by Southern Baptist Missionary to Iraq, Karen Watson, prior to leaving for the Middle East. The letter was dated March 7, 2003. ...

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Henrietta Mears' Ministry Perspective

"God never put anyone in a place too small to grow." Henrietta Mears, founder of Gospel Light

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Mysterious Congo Missionary Deaths

The daughter of missionaries to the Congo Republic told Pastor Leith Anderson this story: As a little girl, she participated in a daylong rally to celebrate ...

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