Sermon Illustrations about Smoking

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Smoking to help bring your sermon to life.

Anne Heche Runs from Shame

"I did a lot of things in my life to get away from what had happened to me. I drank, I smoked, I did drugs, I had sex…. I did anything I could to get ...

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Investing in Vice

As of 2006, the stock market boasts 150 mutual funds that designate themselves as "socially responsible." This means that investments are only made in ...

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Investing in "Sin Stocks"

With many discussing the possibility of a recession in 2008 and beyond, where are the people likely to turn for help? "When storm clouds gather over the ...

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Ad Campaign Touted Health Benefits of Cigarettes

In the 1920s, the American Tobacco Company wanted to make their main brand, Lucky Strike, stand out from the other tobacco products on the market. So, ...

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Paying Pregnant Women to Stop Smoking

Everyone knows the danger of smoking while pregnant, and the dangers have been well-documented in many studies. But even those warnings are not stopping ...

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