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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Servanthood to help bring your sermon to life.

Elisabeth Elliot: Wounded Healer

What God wants us to be as a family of faith is a group of wounded healers, taking our wounds, however big or small, and transforming them into a healing ...

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Success and Service

Toward the end of his life, Albert Einstein removed the portraits of two scientists--Newton and Maxwell--from his wall and replaced them with portraits ...

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Christ's Choice

The Temptation

(Jesus) rose up from the place where the kingdoms of the world shimmered before him, where crowns flashed and banners rustled, and hosts ...

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Ministry Begins at Home

Our Lord did not say to His disciples: "I have had a most successful time on earth. I have addressed thousands of people and been the means of their ...

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Tiny Sacrifices

Fred Craddock, in an address to ministers, caught the practical implications of consecration. "To give my life for Christ appears glorious," ...

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To Die Is Gain

If we look at our life as some precious treasure we must hoard, the demands made by others of our life are like losses. And death is a final loss, a final ...

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Imperfect Fathers

Your spiritual leadership begins at home. In dealing with the family, remember that you have been blessed by the Lord, not beatified. Don't expect ...

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To Know Him Is to Serve Him

The proportion in which I know my Lord is the proportion in which I am prepared to serve Him. Is it not certain that when I know as I am known I shall ...

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Growing Servants

Full-grown oaks are not produced in three years; neither are servants of God.

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Wise People Learn from Others

Where there is pride, all want to lead and none want to follow or to agree. Hence is the cause of schisms, apostasies, arrogant usurpation, and other ...

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