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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Syncretism to help bring your sermon to life.

"ER": The Struggle of Faith

From 1993-2009, NBC's ER was a popular television series about the lives of emergency room doctors and nurses. One of the series' more popular characters ...

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The Spiritual Quest Sometimes Resembles a Burrito Bar

There's a pervasive approach to the spiritual life in our culture that I would simply call "The Religion of Chipotle."

Now, if you love Chipotle, that's ...

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How All Cultures Can Domesticate the Gospel

The British theologian Leslie Newbigin told the following story to illustrate how different cultures water down the claims of Jesus:

When I was a young ...

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Break a Rock for Luck

It's the time of year when large groups of Bolivian Catholics participate in a ritual meant to bring good luck to their lives. Thousands of people ...

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