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Children Need Redemption, Too

Let's not be too sentimental. Regardless of the innocent beauty of children, they need redemption.

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Salvation: Total Cure

Why did Jesus Christ not remain alive and eliminate, generation by generation, all the evils which harass humanity? Simply because He was the Great Physician, ...

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Identity and the Census

In "A Portrait of America," Newsweek (1/17/83) poked some fun at the national census:

"Give your name and age and business. Is your husband ...

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Unsaved Americans

The fact that nine in ten Americans are not committed Christians is worthy of concern.

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Preaching for Life

Still thinking I had but little time to live,

My fervent heart to win men's souls did strive;

I preached, as never sure to preach again,

And as a dying ...

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Our Greatest Calling

The greatest business of our calling is to advance divine life in the world ... to frame and mold the souls of men into a conformity to God ... to enlighten ...

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Life Without Christ

Herin lies the Christian motive; it is simple. We cannot live without Christ and we cannot bear to think of men living without him. ... We believe in ...

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Be Born in Us Today

If Jesus were born one thousand times in Bethlehem and not in me, then I would still be lost.

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Death Is the Only Certainty

Joseph Bayly, delightful personal friend now in heaven, was flying from Chicago to the city of Los Angeles. He engaged the woman sitting next to him in ...

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Our Ramp to God

In Love Found a Way, Ron Mehl writes:

Whenever I drive to the east side of Portland over the Marquam Bridge, I'm reminded of what it took for God to save ...

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