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Redeeming the Time

During World War II, economist E. F. Schumacher, then a young statistician, worked on a farm. Each day he would count the 32 head of cattle, then turn ...

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A Prepared Heart

I often think: "A life is like a day; it goes by so fast. If I am so careless with my days, how can I be careful with my life?" I know that ...

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Overwork Worth It?

Americans say whether they would work an 80 hour work week for a few years if there was potential for a large financial payoff:

No, personal life is too ...

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Volunteering Seniors Live Longer

Alice Chaffin had received hundreds of thank-you notes for her work as a volunteer. But when the 87-year-old brought a hand-knitted shawl to a disabled ...

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Stewardship and the Swiss Watchmaker Slogan

Known for their luxury watches, Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe has also become well-known for its clever advertising slogan: "You never actually own ...

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Hands-On Approach to Philanthropy Increases Giving

Kenneth Behring seemed to have everything. He was affluent and generous. But something transformed him during a trip to Vietnam in 2000. The retired construction ...

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Man Dies After 50 Hours of Video Games

That's when Lee sat down at a local Internet café in the southern city of Taegu. He logged in on Wednesday, August 3, and spent the next three ...

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Dave Barry's Life Lessons

Here are a few lessons that humor columnist Dave Barry says took him 50 years to learn.

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative ...

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Thrown Brick Gets Executive's Attention

As Josh was sailing down a Chicago neighborhood street in his two-month-old, 12-cylinder Jaguar XKE, a brick sailed through the air and struck its shiny, ...

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"The Long Walk Home": The Cost of Taking a Stand

The Long Walk Home, a movie starring Sissy Spacek and Whoopi Goldberg, tells of the relationship between a white housewife, Miriam Thompson, and her black ...

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