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Sermon Illustrations about Stinginess

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Stinginess to help bring your sermon to life.

Americans' Stuff and Junk Obsession

Alison Stewart, a former reporter and news anchor, spent three years investigating America's unhealthy obsession with stuff. Her book, Junk: Digging Through ...

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Ever Wonder How To Spend $1 Billion On A Wedding?

Ever wonder how to spend a $1 billion on a wedding? Hint: include Jennifer Lopez. Last weekend, a couple in Moscow took [the] notion of a lavish wedding ...

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Poor Chinese Church Gives Generously

Theologian Heiko Oberman tells the following story about the radical generosity of a poor rural church in China:

A few years ago I was with a group in ...

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Woman Donates Engagement Ring to Salvation Army

The Salvation Army receives some strange items in its red kettles during the Christmas season. Lieutenant Michael Harper, commander of the Cambridge Salvation ...

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Vladimir Putin Steals Super Bowl Ring

In 2012, Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots football team, revealed to the world that Russian president Vladimir Putin stole one of Kraft's ...

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Warren Buffet on Sacrificial Generosity

I once heard Warren Buffet say in an interview (I paraphrase here) about his $26 billion gift to the Gates Foundation: "My gift has not changed my lifestyle ...

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We Hate Greed but Won't Admit We're Greedy

Zogby recently conducted a large benchmark poll in which respondents identified "greed/materialism" as the number one "most urgent problem ...

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Brazilian Man 'Victim' of 'Pathological Generosity'

In September 2013, a man in Brazil developed what doctors called "pathological generosity." In an article published in the journal Neuroscience, doctors ...

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John Ortberg Tries to Teach His Daughter about Money

When our kids were little, we put them on the envelope system. When we gave them an allowance, they would put it in envelopes labeled "Give," "Save," ...

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Studies Show Happiness Found in 'Buying Experiences'

Does money really buy happiness? Studies by a generation of behavioral scientists show that material goods usually don't deliver lasting happiness. But ...

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