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Sermon Illustrations about Service, Humility

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Service, Humility to help bring your sermon to life.

Humble Man Tuned Pianos for the Stars

The largely unknown Franz Mohr once claimed, “I play [the piano] more in Carnegie Hall than anybody else, but I have no audience.” Mohr, was ...

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The Old Preacher's 67,600 Pages of Sermons

In Marilynne Robinson's beautiful novel Gilead, the old preacher John Ames starts digging through a box of sermons in his attic. One day he figures ...

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Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath: Two Paths of Life

January 1969, two great quarterbacks faced each other from opposite sidelines in Super Bowl III. Both Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath were raised in the ...

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Research Shows Power Really Does Corrupt Us

In the early 1970s, a psychologist at named David Kipnis wanted to know if power really does corrupt people. So in a series of experiments, Kipnis ...

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Batman's Loyal Friend and Servant, Alfred

Depending on your age, you may remember Batman the comic book, or Batman and Robin the TV show, or Batman & Robin, the 1997 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger ...

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Scientist-Inventor Shares Credit with Others

If you've rushed to work lately without having to iron your permanent press shirt, you can thank Dr. Ruth Benerito. Prior to her death in 2013 at the ...

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Comedian Stephen Colbert Advises Graduates on Service

During a commencement address at his alma mater, Northwestern University, the comedian Stephen Colbert offered some wise words for life:

After I graduated ...

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AIDS Patient Sees Jesus in Caregiver

It had been a trying week at our Love & Action office. At five o'clock on a Friday, I was looking forward to having a quiet dinner with friends. ...

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How to Serve Your Mate

It's easier to serve your mate if you envision your loving Lord rather than your flawed spouse. Picture doing it for Jesus. The imposition then becomes ...

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History of Baptism

Baptism today often means sprinkling water on the head. At one time, for some Christians, it amounted to washing feet.

Most early Christians practiced ...

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