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Sermon Illustrations about Stewardship of money

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Stewardship of money to help bring your sermon to life.

Popular Finance Consultant Sued for Scam

Financial consultant and popular radio host Dave Ramsey is being sued by a group of former listeners over his role in promoting a company alleged to have ...

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The Tithing Tenth

More than a quarter of American evangelicals do not give any money to church. About 11 percent of evangelicals (defined by belief) never attend a church, ...

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Ukrainians Receive Aid via Airbnb Rentals

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, US relief agencies began ramping up fundraising efforts to assist in helping out refugees. But many Americans ...

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George Clooney Gives $14 Million to Friends

In a recent interview with GQ, George Clooney discusses his "charmed" life. GQ's "Icon of the Year" was married in 2014 at the ...

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The NFL Player on a Budget

It is no secret that NFL players often make millions to play the game they love. Sadly, there are many stories about players who made a boat load of money ...

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Extra-Generous Tip Leads to Server's Salvation

Robert Morris writes in The Blessed Life:

I distinctly remember the first time we ever went out to eat after I had accepted Christ. I found myself wanting ...

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Tony Campolo Answered Prayer with an Offering

Author Tony Campolo tells how he disembarked from a plane only to discover he was scheduled to speak to a group of women at a World Day of Prayer event ...

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Pennies Amount to Something

Pennies are a dime a dozen (to coin a phrase). Without much effort, one could find a penny on the floor or in a parking lot. We may even pass one without ...

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Boxer Mike Tyson Squandered Fortune

Minimum amount boxer Mike Tyson earned in the nine years before filing for bankruptcy in August 2003: $300,000,000.

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Hands-On Approach to Philanthropy Increases Giving

Kenneth Behring seemed to have everything. He was affluent and generous. But something transformed him during a trip to Vietnam in 2000. The retired construction ...

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