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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Stewardship of money to help bring your sermon to life.

Giving Now

A preacher paid a visit to a farmer and asked, "If you had 200 dollars, would you give 100 dollars to the Lord?

"Sure would," said the farmer.

"If you ...

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Credit Card Spending

How close people are to their total limit on credit cards:

Very close to their limit: 21.2 percent Somewhat close: 18.9 percent Not close: 45 percent Don't ...

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A Pastor Gives His Library to God

Randy Alcorn, author of The Treasure Principle, learned firsthand about losing and gaining possessions, and about heavenly priorities:

Back when I was ...

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People Learn Money Management from Mistakes

When people were asked which of the following taught them the most about personal money management, they said:

Mistakes: 64 percent School: 31 percent ...

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Church Invests in the Needy

One Thanksgiving, Denny Bellesi asked for volunteers to join him at the altar of the Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, California. He didn't ...

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Stewardship Sermon Delights One Couple

Once, in a sermon on hoarding, I pointed out the foolishness of waiting until we die to give our children their inheritance. I explained, "When we die, ...

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Family Sacrifices Cable TV to Support Church

Pastor and author Bob Russell writes:

Jackie Nelson gave a moving testimony years ago that I've often repeated. Jackie said, "I am a single mother of three ...

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Stewardship and the Swiss Watchmaker Slogan

Known for their luxury watches, Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe has also become well-known for its clever advertising slogan: "You never actually own ...

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Guest Preacher Declines Honorarium

I was to speak at three churches. While meditating on what God desired, I was strongly impressed that I should take no money from them. I told the pastors ...

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John Wesley Testified to Faith Even in Death

Witnessing to the holy love of God was always in John Wesley's mind. Even in death.

Here was a man who had preached more than 45,000 sermons, traveled ...

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