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Sermon Illustrations about Stewardship of money

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Stewardship of money to help bring your sermon to life.

The Tithing Tenth

More than a quarter of American evangelicals do not give any money to church. About 11 percent of evangelicals (defined by belief) never attend a church, ...

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Ukrainians Receive Aid via Airbnb Rentals

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, US relief agencies began ramping up fundraising efforts to assist in helping out refugees. But many Americans ...

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George Clooney Gives $14 Million to Friends

In a recent interview with GQ, George Clooney discusses his "charmed" life. GQ's "Icon of the Year" was married in 2014 at the ...

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The NFL Player on a Budget

It is no secret that NFL players often make millions to play the game they love. Sadly, there are many stories about players who made a boat load of money ...

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Tithing Christians Would Meet Global Need

A husband and wife team of researchers, the founders of Empty Tomb, Inc., in Champaign, Illinois, have tracked American and American Christian expenditures ...

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Extra-Generous Tip Leads to Server's Salvation

I distinctly remember the first time we ever went out to eat after I had accepted Christ. I found myself wanting somehow to share Jesus with the waitress ...

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Poor Man Lived with a Passion for Giving

In 2005, when Thomas Cannon died of colon cancer in a hospital in Richmond, Virginia, he was 79. Thomas described himself a "poor man's philanthropist." ...

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Christian Radio Contest Exceeds Goals

On January 13, 2005, our local Christian radio station, JOY FM, set out to raise $75,000 for "Homes for Hope," an organization that builds houses for ...

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Tony Campolo Answered Prayer with an Offering

Author Tony Campolo tells how he disembarked from a plane only to discover he was scheduled to speak to a group of women at a World Day of Prayer event ...

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