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The Myth of Greener Grass

A man walked into a mental institution one day and was taken on a tour. The tour saw one cell where the man was beating his head against the padded walls. ...

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Virtues of Work

Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do which must be done, whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced ...

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Satisfying the Lord

I have never met a soul who has set out to satisfy the Lord and has not been satisfied himself.

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Deeper Possession the Higher Ambition

Surely the higher ambition is entering into the deeper possession of what we already have rather than going out to acquire something new.

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Contentment, the Second-Highest Art

Next to faith this is the highest art--to be content with the calling in which God has placed you. I have not learned it yet.

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Fulfillment Lies in Walk, Not Work

God didn't call me to find fulfillment in the quantity of my work for him but in the quality of my walk with him.

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To One Unsatisfied

When, with all the loved around thee,

Still, thy heart says, "I am lonely."

It is well; the truth has found thee:

Rest is with the Father only.

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Only God Satisfies

The man or woman who does not know God demands an infinite satisfaction from other human beings which they cannot give, and in the case of the man, he ...

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Failed Fountain

While traveling in Wyoming, we stopped at a garage for minor car repairs. As we waited, my wife spotted a drinking fountain. When she pushed the button, ...

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No Earthly Satisfaction

God has set Eternity in our heart, and man's infinite capacity cannot be filled or satisfied with the things of time and sense.

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