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Sermon Illustrations about Scoffers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Scoffers to help bring your sermon to life.

Berlin’s New Church of Nothing

A new worship center in the former East Berlin represents the ultimate secular view of religion. It also reflects the kind of cultural future the American ...

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Pluralism's Basic Premise is that All Religions are True

In his recent book, author Mark Clark wrote:

If you want to understand the dogma of religious pluralism, consider a scene from the comedy movie Talladega ...

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ER Docs Learn from a Formula One Team

What could a team of medical doctors possibly learn about practicing medicine from a Formula One racing team? If the doctors remain teachable, maybe they ...

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Justice Scalia Urges Christians to Live Fearlessly

Speaking to the Knights of Columbus Council in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said: "God assumed from the beginning ...

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Flippancy Is No Joke

Flippancy is the best [kind of joke] of all. In the first place it is very economical. Only a clever human can make a real joke about virtue, or indeed ...

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Pluralism Is Not New

While religious pluralism may be a novel experience for us, it is putting us in touch with the world that surrounded the biblical authors. The pluralism ...

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