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We have lost the invaluable faculty of being shocked--a faculty which has hitherto almost distinguished the Man or Woman from the beast or child.

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No Surprises

Remember Holiday Inn's ad a few years back? "The best surprise is no surprise at all." It was their promise that if you visit some new place, ...

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Meeting God in Odd Places

I need to be continually sensitive to the surprising places where God can meet me.

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Road Rage

Fighting rush-hour traffic from suburban Maryland to Washington D.C. can cause its share of near misses and irritating moments. One morning, a young lady ...

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How to Live in Fear of God

To live in fear of God means that we live before God and the rest of reality in such a way that there is never contempt within us. We take nothing for ...

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Waitress's Kindness Rewarded

Every day, for close to seven years, Walter "Buck" Swords cursed and stomped his feet in his favorite restaurant, Luby's Cafeteria, demanding that he ...

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Boy Gets Unexpected Birthday Present

What does a six-year-old boy want for his birthday? Legos. A bicycle. Thomas the Train. A DVD of a recent movie that he will watch repeatedly. If he made ...

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Woman Suddenly Elevated to Royal Status

The article in The Washington Post on September 16, 2009, began with these words: "The king folds her own laundry, chauffeurs herself around Washington ...

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Power Outage Teaches Church a Valuable Lesson

In an article for, pastor Clark Cothern shares how a power outage at his church revealed the power of God:

Our church meets in a ...

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Alleged Stradivarius Is Merely an Imitation

In an episode of the History Channel's reality show about a Las Vegas pawn shop, a man brought in a violin and asked for an appraisal. According to the ...

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