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Graffiti Vandal Ensnared by Fake Wall Sting

Brooklyn police were unable to nab the perpetrator of an ongoing string of graffiti vandalism. They knew they had to get inside the mind of their elusive criminal. For several weeks, the tagger had been spray painting political slogans throughout an area subway station. This sparked a flood of complaints from transportation riders and officials alike.

So, they built a fake wall made of plywood, which was to serve as an obvious target for the prolific tagger, with a hidden door that officers could hide behind. Transit Chief Edward Delatorre instructed his officers to take turns hiding behind the wall, lying in wait for hours at a time.

Delatorre said, “Sure enough, a man came back and began spray painting [another opinionated statement]. So they caught him live, writing on a beam.” The suspect, 43-year-old Jamie Montemarano, was charged with criminal mischief.

Potential Preaching Angles: Even when it appears as though we've gotten away, judgment awaits those who continually flaunt God's laws. Often the thrill of breaking said laws is what hastens our own moment of judgment.

Emily Crane, “Police build a fake wall at a New York subway station so they can jump out and catch a graffiti vandal” MSN.com (3/20/19)

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