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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Sacraments to help bring your sermon to life.

History of Baptism

Baptism today often means sprinkling water on the head. At one time, for some Christians, it amounted to washing feet.

Most early Christians practiced ...

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Unending Gift

In the night when his people betrayed him--the night of intensest enmity--the dear Lord Jesus said, "This is my blood of the covenant, poured out ...

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What Happens at Baptism

In baptism we are initiated, crowned, chosen, embraced, washed, adopted, gifted, reborn, killed, and thereby sent forth and redeemed. We are identified ...

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The Feast That Cost Everything

There's a wonderful story by Isak Dinesen called Babette's Feast, about a strict, dour, fundamentalist community in Denmark. Babette works as a cook for ...

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"Beyond the Gates of Splendor": Baptism

Beyond the Gates of Splendor is a documentary film that tells the true story of five American missionaries: Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate ...

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101-Year-Old Woman Gets Baptized

In November of 2005, Ivy Smith was baptized at an Anglican Cathedral in Portsmouth, England. At 101-years-old, she is believed to be the oldest worshiper ...

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Augustine on Confession

The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works.

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Rite of Baptism Declining

The following is from a USA Today article detailing the decline of water baptism in many American churches:

There are now baptism-style ceremonies where ...

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Thanksgiving Feast Represents Sacrifice

Pat Bailey shares the following thoughts about the contribution of each part of the meal in a traditional Thanksgiving feast:

The wheat gave its best as ...

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Mother Forgets Birthday Boy

The party on June 3, 2006, was for Michael Emmanuel, Jr. It was his sixth birthday, and friends and family were celebrating at the local Chuck E. Cheese ...

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