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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spirituality to help bring your sermon to life.

Spirituality Is the Christian Life

Spirituality is a slippery term but the phenomenon itself is not new. Christian spirituality is nothing other than life in Christ by the presence and ...

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Gallup Youth Survey

When George Gallup asked teens, "How much interest do you have in learning more about the following religions?" the percentage who said they had a "great ...

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Vision for Life

Tree-skiing may sound like a death wish, but some skiers love the risk of skiing virgin powder lying in a stand of aspen or spruce. The key, of course, ...

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Spiritual Life in England

Percentage of people in England who:

Believe in God: 65Believe in the traditional Christian understanding of a "personal God:" 28See God as a "spirit or ...

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Steven Van Zandt: Christianity Plus

"I am a reformed Taoist, part-time Buddhist, Hindu, animist, pagan, Jewish mystic, and Christian. I always got along great with priests and rabbis and ...

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Morality Upside-Down

Allan Petersen, in The Myth of the Greener Grass, tells the story of a group of a dozen married women having lunch together. One woman asked, "How many ...

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Santana's Wayward Spirituality

Carlos Santana recently won eight Grammy awards for his album Supernatural, which has sold more than 10 million copies. A recent Rolling Stone profile ...

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Path to God?

Near Oakland, California, hikers and campers have found their imaginations piqued at the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. Recently a series of mysterious ...

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Experiencing God

There is a splendid moment in the movie Jurassic Park, when world-class paleontologist Allen Grant, who has devoted his life to the study of dinosaurs, ...

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Common Spirituality

Spirituality in human beings is not an extra or "superior" mode of existence. It's not a hidden stream of separate reality, a separate life running parallel ...

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