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Holiness Is Health

God is holy and holiness (is) the moral condition necessary to the health of his universe. ...Whatever is holy is healthy, ...the holiness of God, the ...

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God's Son Punished for Our Sin

A distressed father sat at the bedside of his comatose son, hurt playing basketball. At a crucial point in the game, the 16-year-old lunged for an errant ...

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A Depiction of Hell

In their book Crashmaker: A Federal Affaire, Victor Sperandeo and Alvaro Almeida paint a graphic picture of hell. The villain, Alan Stillwell, has a nightmare ...

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Mobster John Gotti Can't Escape Judgment

They used to call him "Dapper Don," for his $2,000 suits, and "Teflon Don," because the prosecutors couldn't get a conviction. But no one is teflon, not ...

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Woman Tells Man He's Going to Hell

A drunken man got on the bus late one night, staggered up the aisle, and sat next to a woman who was clutching a Bible.

She looked the wayward drunk up ...

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Friend's Grace Motivates Change

Recently I witnessed an unusual accountability partnership at my church.

In an effort to break his habit of using profanity, Paul started meeting with ...

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Self-Sacrifice for a Terrorist

Canadian journalist Bronwyn Drainie describes the surprising behavior of a haredi woman—an ultra-orthodox Jew—at a Jerusalem street market. ...

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Wanted Man Caught by "Kiss Cam"

When David Horton decided to go to a Cincinnati Reds ballgame with his girlfriend, he knew he was a wanted man. He had failed to appear in court for a ...

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Escaped Prisoner Meets Judge

Ben Rogozensky was already in big trouble. He was waiting with his lawyer for a court hearing in an empty room at the DeKalb County Courthouse near Atlanta. ...

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Criminal Finds Robbery Stressful

Rafiq Abdul Mortland clearly needed to choose another career. The 38-year-old found that what he was doing put him under pressure, not to mention that ...

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