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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Transformation to help bring your sermon to life.

Man's Chief End

To ask that God's love should be content with us as we are is to ask that God should cease to be God: because He is what He is, His love must, in ...

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The Creator Is the Recreator

As a little boy, awestruck by the mystery of change in a man's very nature, I asked Father to explain it. "All I can say is that it is the power ...

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Snow on the Summits

If we saw the Church as she is in the most generous souls who live most truly the life of the Church, she would appear most beautiful in our sight, despite ...

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The Purpose of the Bible

The Bible was not given to increase our knowledge but to change our lives.

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The Most Useful Church Members

The most useful members of a church are usually those who would be doing harm if they were not doing good.

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Soul Remodeling

A sentence in one of the books [I was reading on osteoporosis prevention] struck me most: "Like all living tissue, bone is constantly being broken ...

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What to Ask God For

I asked God to take away my pride, and God said no. He said it was not for him to take away, but for me to give up.

I asked God to make my handicapped ...

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The Baby that Changed Everything

Did you ever read Bret Harte's story The Luck of Roaring Camp? Roaring Camp was supposed to be, according to the story, the meanest, toughest mining ...

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Help to Become Perfect

I find a good many people bothered by ... our Lord's words, "Be ye perfect." Some people seem to think this means "Unless you are perfect, ...

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Why Some Weep in Church

When I was eight years old, doctors diagnosed my youngest sister with a life-threatening neuromuscular disease. Not long after this my father began weeping ...

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