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Superstition in the Middle Ages

In the middle ages, the flickering lights of marsh gas were to many people fairies or goblins; fireflies were the souls of unbaptized dead infants. Many ...

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Culture Getting More Superstitious

This culture hasn't gotten more secular; if anything, it's more superstitious.

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The Aftermath of Religious Breakdown

History shows that when religion wanes in any country, it is not replaced by popular nationalist philosophy that leads to universal happiness and peace. ...

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Alien Insurance?

If you think you might be abducted by aliens someday, you can always take out an insurance policy.

No joke. For $156 a year, a London company (called ...

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Happy New Year, Two-Face!

It's a new year. Time to look back, and time to look ahead. That's what January's all about. It's Two-Faced Month!

January is named after the mythological ...

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The Supernatural Is Not a Closed Case

Surely we cannot take an open question like the supernatural and shut it with a bang, turning the key of the mad-house on all the mystics of history. ...

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Crop Circles: The Need To Believe

Mel Gibson's recent movie, Signs, is about a former pastor and farmer who discovers crop circles, or what some believe are spaceship landing pads, in ...

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Pro Football Player Trusts in Unwashed Jersey

"It doesn't smell too bad."

—Tennessee Titans cornerback Samari Rolle, on sleeping in an unwashed T-shirt before games for 11 years.

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American Belief in the Paranormal

According to a June 2005 Gallup poll, about three quarters of Americans believe in the paranormal. The percentage of those who believe in:

Extrasensory ...

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Woman Marries Snake for Luck

In May of 2006, Bimbala Das married a snake—a cobra, to be precise. Because Hindus venerate cobras, the residents of Atala, India, believed that ...

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