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Christian Publishing

From the Christian perspective, the state of public morals has fallen to such low repute that the existence of such a phenomenon as religious publishing ...

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Grandparents Doing More Parenting

Abandonment, incarceration, drugs, death, mental illness—these are some of the reasons four million American kids are no longer living with their parent(s). ...

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Creating Change from the Bottom Up

Two weeks after the [2008 presidential] election, I traveled to India to meet Christian pioneers seeking to overturn India's institutional form of discrimination, ...

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Religion's Influence on American Life

Americans who say religion is losing its influence on American life: 67 percent

Americans who said this in April 2005: 50 percent

Americans who said this ...

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Growing Number of U.S. Adults in Correctional System

According to a 2009 study by the Pew Center, the proportion of U.S. adults in the corrections system is 1 in 31. A similar study in 1982 found that the ...

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Women More Religious Than Men

According to a 2009 study by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life, women are more religious than men:

  • Women (86 percent) are more likely than men (79 percent) to be affiliated with a religion.

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Group of Mothers Makes Big Impact on Gang War Zone

In the early 1990s, gang violence erupted in Boyle Heights, a section of East Los Angeles. Eight gangs were in conflict in the parish around the Dolores ...

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Businessman's Vision Leads to 100 Little League Teams for Underprivileged Kids

On his way to work one day, Chicago insurance broker Bob Muzikowski saw a derelict ball field full of trash in a gang-infested neighborhood. The kids ...

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Changing Blue Jean Fashions Shows the Triumph of Veneer Over Depth

In their book Veneer, Timothy Willard and Jason Locy argue that contemporary American culture often values image or appearance over depth of character. ...

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Study Reveals Children Struggle with Deep Unhappiness

A new study published in the UK reveals that children are struggling with low self-esteem, loneliness, or deep levels of unhappiness. A free, private ...

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