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Unquestionably a Miracle

The philosophical case against miracles is somewhat easily dealt with. There is no philosophical case against miracles. There are such things as the laws ...

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Superstition in the Middle Ages

In the middle ages, the flickering lights of marsh gas were to many people fairies or goblins; fireflies were the souls of unbaptized dead infants. Many ...

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Scripture's Supernatural Edge

The Word of God has a supernatural edge with which a million-dollar budget can never compete.

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"Something" Happened

Many treatments of Jesus get bogged down in a discussion of the possibility of miracles; properly speaking, that is a philosophical rather than a historical ...

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Culture Getting More Superstitious

This culture hasn't gotten more secular; if anything, it's more superstitious.

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Missing the Miracles

Too many times we miss so much because we live on the low level of the natural, the ordinary, the explainable. We leave no room for God to do the exceeding ...

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Mushrooms from Heaven

In 1880, a Christian couple, George and Sarah Clarke, purchased the lease for the Pacific Beer Garden.

Promptly dropping the word Beer, the couple added ...

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Conversion of a Viking

Olaf Trygvesson of Norway was the Viking's Viking. He was unmatched in climbing and swimming and leaping, and it was said he could juggle five daggers ...

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Tornado Insurance

"We said a prayer that God would watch over us."

—Sherri Conley, of Oklahoma, telling the Daily Oklahoman how she, her husband, and two sons had ...

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Americans Believe in Miracles

Percentage of Americans who believe in divine miracles: 84 Percentage who believe in the reality of miracles described in the Bible: 79 Percentage ...

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