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Our Father Knows Best

Contrary to popular opinion, sin is not what you want to do but can't; it is what you should not do because it will hurt you--and hurt you bad. ... ...

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When Another Stumbles

If you see another stumble or fall, let your first thought be that, of all men, you are most likely to stumble or fall in that same manner.

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Don't Trust the Flesh

We ought not trust our nature, our flesh, no matter how spiritual we think we are.

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An Underdeveloped Conscience

In Christian Parenting Today (Mar/Apr 98), Dan Schaeffer recalls:

As an 8-year-old, I thought it was comical. Our victim didn't know what was happening ...

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Sort of Dead to Sin

In a classic Leadership cartoon by Mary Chambers, two couples are seated in a living room engaged in Bible study. One of the women is speaking. "Well," ...

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Keeping Consistent Testimony

Ben Patterson writes in Leadership:

Sam Shoemaker told of a near-sighted professor who was an expert in entomology. His office walls were covered with ...

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Mickey Rooney's Human Struggles

Long-time actor Mickey Rooney is an unabashed Christian. He states: "I've given my life to God, and I try to do the right thing, but inevitably, and unfortunately, ...

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Muhammad Ali Faces Temptation

Muhammad Ali says he's come up with a way to resist temptation. Wherever he goes, he always carries a small box of matches. Ali explains, "Whenever I ...

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Max Lucado Confesses Struggle

Author and pastor Max Lucado said that giving up beer helped him get closer to God. Lucado said, "I come from a family of alcoholism. If there's anything ...

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Emily Dickinson Struggled with Faith

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) was an American poet who wrote mainly of death and immortality. In 1846, Dickinson's letters to her most intimate friend, ...

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