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Sermon Illustrations about Sin, struggle against

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Sin, struggle against to help bring your sermon to life.

Actor Bill Murray: 'We're not that Wonderful'

In a recent (2014) interview, the actor Bill Murray was asked about his current eligible bachelor status. (Murray went through a painful divorce in 2009.) ...

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The Tennis Star Who Hated Tennis

When Andre Agassi's memoir came out, the key revelation of the book was this: Andre Agassi—a former number one ranked player in the world, winner ...

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Robin Williams on the Power of Addiction

On August 11, 2014, the actor Robin Williams took his own life. The 63-year-old actor, who was loved by many fans and fellow actors, was an admitted abuser ...

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World War II Soldier Sees 'The Beast Within'

In his book Vanishing Grace, Philip Yancey shares a story about a World War II veteran, currently serving as a pastor, who had participated in the liberation ...

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Yoga Instructor Urges Trust in the Goddess within You

Yoga Journal is a popular American magazine that has almost two million monthly readers. A recent article by Sally Kempton, an internationally recognized ...

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Man Robs Same Store 15 Years Apart

In 1999, 25-year-old Christopher Miller was arrested after he forced employees into the back room of the Stride Rite shoe store on Hooper Avenue in Toms ...

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Early Church Leader's Story Reads like Current News

Once upon a time, there was a boy who grew up in a household of faith. As a young man, he was quickly singled out as a top student who was marked by key ...

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Toys Lost at Sea Need Outside Intervention

In 1992, a cargo ship left Hong Kong, bound for the U.S. While in route, the ship hit rough seas, and several shipping containers were washed overboard ...

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Addressing the 'Garbage Dump' in Our Heart

Imagine you're out for a hike on a beautiful spring day and you come to a creek. But there's something wrong with this picture. You notice that someone ...

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Woman Gets too Close, Gored by Rhino

When do you not listen to the African wildlife expert? When he tells you to stand closer to a wild rhino.

That's what happened to a 24-year-old woman from ...

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