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Woman Gets too Close, Gored by Rhino

When do you not listen to the African wildlife expert? When he tells you to stand closer to a wild rhino.

That's what happened to a 24-year-old woman from South Africa. She was staying at the Aloe Ridge Hotel and Nature Reserve, about 25 miles from Johannesburg. The reserve advertises that it gives its guests "the ideal opportunity to game view," with rhinos listed among the animals "sighted at close range," along with hippos, Cape buffaloes and giraffes. Unfortunately, Chantal Beyer, one of the guests at the reserve, got a little too close.

Game park owner Alex Richter had reportedly told a group of visitors it was safe to get out of the safari vehicle to take photos, and he even used food to coax the rhinos closer.

A relative of Ms. Beyer told reporters, "There were quite a few young people on the vehicle and they probably felt they could trust Richter, who was an adult."

As the game park owner was snapping pictures, he advised Chantal to "stand just a little bit closer" seconds before the attack. Photos show Beyer and her husband only feet away from two rhinos.

The paper said that just after the photo was snapped, the rhino attacked, and its horn penetrated Ms. Beyers' chest from behind, resulting in a collapsed lung and broken ribs. The Aloe Ridge Hotel and Nature Reserve, where the incident took place, declined to comment.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Sin, Temptation—Getting too close to sin may lead to unintended and painful consequences. (2) Advice, Counsel, False Doctrine—Use discernment when given advice. Even alleged "experts" can give foolish advice.

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