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Yoga Instructor Urges Trust in the Goddess within You

Yoga Journal is a popular American magazine that has almost two million monthly readers. A recent article by Sally Kempton, an internationally recognized yoga teacher, conveys her philosophy of life. In regards to the sinful nature, Kempton asserts: "Most of us long ago rejected authoritarian religion, with its talk of sin and insistence on eliminating the darker forces within us." Instead, she urges her readers to open their lives to the ancient Hindu warrior goddess Durga. Durga, she says, "embodies the inner power to transform yourself—let go of addictions, obstacles, and the illusions and fears that hold you back." She adds:

Become aware of the Durga Shakti as a shimmering presence around you … Offer your salutations to her. Ask her: "What is the major inner obstacle I have to face now? What do I need to let go of? What should I be paying more attention to?" Or, ask for her guidance in a decision or for the strength to stand up for something you know is right … Walk with the sense that the Durga is walking. Speak with the sense that Durga'a power comes through your words. Notice how you feel when you let yourself be filled by the energy of Durga.
The more you invite Durga's energy into your life, the more you'll feel her opening you to your inner warrior. Her power guards your highest aspirations, and she promises never to let you down.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Idols—Obviously, this is a blatant version of idolatry, but consider option (2): Discipleship; Hypocrisy; Lordship—Sally Kempton basically says that anyone can have Durga's power and benefits right now without even attempting to practice the basic tenants of Hinduism. Have we become guilty of the same thing when it comes to following Christ? Do we imply that you can receive Christ's power and benefits without repentance, dying to sin, obedience, discipleship, or spiritual disciplines?

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