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God's Fairness

The parable of the vineyard workers (Matthew 20) offends our sense of fairness. Why should everyone get equal pay for unequal work?

Back in Ontario when ...

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Equal Rewards for Service

Whether [the poor people you help] are worthy or unworthy, the reward for you will be the same.

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Happiness Is a Dividend

I have observed that when any of us embarks on the pursuit of happiness for ourselves, it eludes us. Often I've asked myself why. It must be because ...

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The Blessings of Charity

He who bestows his goods upon the poor shall have as much again and ten times more.

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Servanthood Begins When Gratitude Ends

Timothy Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, writes:

Pastors often hear, "I work my fingers to the bone in this church, and what ...

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AIDS Patient Sees Jesus in Caregiver

It had been a trying week at our Love & Action office. At five o'clock on a Friday, I was looking forward to having a quiet dinner with friends. Then ...

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One Church's Survey Found Serving Others Contributes to Spiritual Growth

I surveyed my church to see if people saw a relationship between ministering to others and spiritual growth.

When asked, "To what extent has your ministry ...

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Letter from Slain Missionary

This letter was written by Southern Baptist Missionary to Iraq, Karen Watson, prior to leaving for the Middle East. The letter was dated March 7, 2003. ...

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Doorman Honored for Service

You've probably never heard of Wilbert Williams. He's not famous or rich. Still, Williams received an honor normally reserved for the connected, powerful, ...

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Housepainter's Availability Leads to Rescue

Fathers Day 2005 was not a joyful day for Toby Hawkins of Bountiful, Utah. His 11-year-old son Brennan Hawkins had been missing for two days. A much-anticipated ...

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