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Students Receive Free Lesson After Kitchen Fail

If Ripley's Believe It Or Not ever ventured into the realm of cooking shows, this episode would defy the imagination. Three American college students ...

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Cruelty in Hospital Discharge Sparks Outrage

A viral video sparked national outrage after a bystander took footage of a woman discharged from a hospital in near-freezing weather.

Bystander Imamu Baraka ...

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The Craziest Late-to-Work Excuses

The rain, a pileup on the freeway—"the boss has heard them all," said Gene Marks in The Washington Post. Excuses for being late to work are essentially ...

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Society Shares More Information than Ever Before

According to a recent book, right now in America there are 1,780 commercial television stations, 15,503 broadcast radio stations, 1,331 newspapers, 2,000,000 ...

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Priest Asks for Back-Up as Exorcisms Rise Exponentially

A recent news story reported on an Irish priest and exorcist who is asking his superiors for help after noticing a dramatic increase in demonic activity. ...

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