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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Absolutes to help bring your sermon to life.

Life without God

Dostoyevsky reminded us in The Brothers Kararamazov that "if God does not exist, everything is permissible." We are now seeing "everything." ...

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No Private Religions

The modern habit of saying, "This is my opinion, but I may be wrong," is entirely irrational. If I say that it may be wrong I say that it is ...

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The Only Way

The Christian way is not the "middle way" between extremes but the "narrow way" between precipices.

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Views on Absolutes

In response to the statement "There are clear guidelines about what's good or evil that apply to everyone regardless of their situation," the percentage ...

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Directions Take Climbers over Cliff

Trail magazine, with 37,000 readers, is one of the most widely distributed climbing magazines.

The February 2004 issue provided directions for climbers ...

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"Matrix Reloaded": Holding to Absolute Truth

In the Matrix Reloaded, Captain Lock is irritated by Morpheus' unwavering conviction that he has found the savior of humankind and tries to undermine ...

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Church Advertises That Truth Doesn't Matter

Our church rented a theater to watch The Passion of the Christ on opening weekend. Afterward we gathered for dinner, discussion, and prayer. I returned ...

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Author Lists 10 Convictions Governing Secularists

In his book The New Absolutes, William Watkins identifies 10 core convictions that govern today's secularists:

(1) Religion interferes with freedom and ...

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"The Revenge of the Sith" and Absolute Truth

What does Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith, have to say about absolute truths?

First, there is an interchange between Jedi Master Obi-Wan ...

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New Religion Based on No Authority

A new religion invented by a Massachusetts psychologist has been gaining popularity over recent years. Called "Yoism," this system of beliefs is based ...

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