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Classic Monopoly Game Piece Voted Out By Fans

Alas, the Monopoly thimble is no more. Back when the iconic board game was introduced during the Great Depression, players could choose from a variety of game pieces, including the top hat, boot, iron, racecar, and dog. Parker Brothers, the creators of the game, have cycled game pieces in and out over the decades, "retiring" dated pieces in favor of more relevant ones. Recent years have seen the company host online polls where fans can vote to keep or replace the current pieces. The practice has gained popularity across the internet, and has resulted in the death of the iron, horse and rider, and now the thimble-icons of a bygone age, replaced by ideas promising to be more exciting and certainly less "old-fashioned" to modern generations. Its replacement has yet to be determined, but could take the form of a cell phone, computer, or even jet.

Only time will tell how long the few remaining original pieces will last in our ever-evolving world, but until then, we can all bid the thimble a warm and nostalgic goodbye.

Potential Preaching Angles: Some things need to change and die, going the way of the thimble. Other things—like the Word of God, the truths of Scripture, the core of the gospel, etc.—do not change even when they are no longer as popular.

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