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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Age to help bring your sermon to life.

Announcer Pat Summerall Enjoys His Salvation

Pat Summerall, the well known sports announcer, overcame alcoholism and became a follower of Christ in his late sixties. He said this about water baptism: ...

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Dr. Paul Brand Reaches His Spiritual Peak

Steve Moore tells of a friend's experience at a retirement home dedication:

The ceremony included remarks from one of the new residents, Dr. Paul Brand, ...

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Retirement Home Salad Bar Becomes Battleground

Retirement homes are generally quiet places. The Spring Haven Retirement Community in Florida found their peace disrupted over a nasty incident at the ...

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John Wesley Ministered with Serenity

At 73 years of age, John Wesley related in his journal (June 28, 1776) that he was far more able to preach than when 23-years-old; he traveled more than ...

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"13 Going on 30": Learning from Our Mistakes

In 13 Going on 30 Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) is a 13-year-old who gets the opportunity to experience what life would be like at age 30.

It happens at ...

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Reactions to Objectionable TV Programs Are Age-Related

Based upon a 1998 study, the Barna Group reported on those who turned off a TV program in the previous seven days because of the values or viewpoint presented: ...

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Positive Attitude Makes for Longer Lifespan

Elderly people who have a negative attitude toward growing old are literally thinking themselves into an early grave. A Reuters News report from a journal ...

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Bill Clinton Hates Aging

When Bill Clinton was appointed the Attorney General of Arkansas, he was just 30 years old. He was elected governor of Arkansas two years later, easily ...

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Billy Graham Adjusts to Old Age

In August of 2006, Newsweek magazine interviewed Billy Graham. Amazed by Billy's attitude in spite of deteriorating health, the author of the article ...

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Three Sisters Age Humorously

There were three sisters—ages 92, 94, and 96—who lived together. One night, the 96-year-old drew a bath. She put one foot in, then paused. "Was ...

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