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Sermon Illustrations about Age

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Age to help bring your sermon to life.

Police Share Tea After Lonely Couple's Call

Year ago Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline performed a song together entitled, "Have You Ever Been Lonely?" It appears someone has.

"What else could we do but ...

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The Rise of the 74-Year-Old Jewelry Thief

A report in Bloomberg traced the rise of elderly crime in Britain, other European countries, and Asian nations. The police arrested nine suspects in London ...

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Religion … the Fountain of Youth?

A BBC article profiles a Seventh Day Adventist community in Loma Linda, California, where aged residents live an average of ten years longer than the ...

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Actress Laments Our 'Fixation on Youth'

In a recent (October 2014) New York Times article, actress Frances McDormand spoke out against what she called Hollywood's and America's "perverse fixation ...

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114-Year-old Woman Still Curious

Anna Stoehr is 114 years old, but for one day she got to be 99. Why? Because in order for her to create a Facebook account she couldn't be older than ...

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Plight of Older Shelter Dogs Shows Our Fear of Aging

An article published by the Los Angeles Times highlights the difficult situation of many older dogs in animal shelters—few new pet owners are willing ...

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Famous Actress on the Pain of Aging

Kristin Scott Thomas, the British-born actress who was nominated for an Oscar (The English Patient), talked about the pressure of growing older in a culture ...

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Colorado Festival Tries to Mock Death

How do people in our culture deal with the reality of death? One way is to mock death, as though somehow by thumbing our nose at it, we can prevent it ...

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Woody Allen Reflects on Old Age and Death

A 2012 interview with the actor and film director Woody Allen states that "Allen has been confronting the horror of mortality … since he was five." ...

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Photographer Documents the Global Beauty Craze

Over a five-year period, photographer Zed Nelson visited seventeen countries as he documented the global craze for beauty. In his book, Love Me, Nelson ...

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