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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Abstinence to help bring your sermon to life.

No Forwarding Address

Flee temptation and don't leave a forwarding address.

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Unpopular Chastity

There is no getting away from it: the old Christian rule is "Either marriage, with complete faithfulness to your partner, or else total abstinence." ...

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An Abstinence Streak

A.C. Green of the Dallas Mavericks set a remarkable record last season, playing in his 907th consecutive game, an NBA record.

A.C. is proud of that mark. ...

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Teens Talk about Sex

Here are some recent statistics on teenage sexuality gathered by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Project Reality:

Percentage of teens ...

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New Course in Sexuality

I held a notice from my 13-year-old daughter's school announcing a meeting to preview the new course in sexuality. Parents could examine the curriculum ...

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Abstinence Pledges Work

Teens who take public pledges to remain virgins wait about 18 months longer to have sex than those who don't, says a new study published in the American ...

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Miss America 2003 on Abstinence

Miss America 2003, Erica Harold, wrote:

Robert Frost wrote in his poem The Road Less Traveled, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less ...

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Why Girls Remain Virgins

Recent research published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, discovered that teenage girls who are close to their moms are more likely to stay virgins. ...

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Basketball Star A. C. Green's Commitment to Abstinence

A. C. Green's faith and moral stand has been no secret to his teammates. "They respected me and were curious about how I [remain abstinent]. They asked ...

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"Sex and the City" Is Not Real Life

"It's much more fun being single on Sex And The City than it is in real life."
Actress Kim Cattrall, one of the stars of the show

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