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Sermon Illustrations about Abstinence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Abstinence to help bring your sermon to life.

1950's-Era Planned Parenthood Booklet Proclaims "The Gift of Life"

A pamphlet published in 1951 titled The Gift of Life contains some traditional advice about human sexuality and the sanctity of life. For instance, the ...

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Young Man Reaches Conclusions About His Same-Sex Attraction

Wesley Hill writes movingly about growing up in a Christian home and being taught biblical views on sexuality. And yet, Hill writes, "Confusingly, ...

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Pastor Encourages a Young Woman to Live Celibate

Eugene Peterson shares a story about a completely unchurched young woman who started attending his church and made a genuine commitment to follow Jesus. ...

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A Young Man Struggling With Homosexuality Finds Hope in Christ

In his book Washed and Waiting, Wesley Hill shares about his struggle with same-sex attraction and his desire to obey Christ and remain celibate. He writes ...

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Research Shows That Delaying Sex Until Marriage Improves Relationships

Does delaying sex until after marriage improve your marital relationship? According to a research study, the answer is a clear yes. As reported in the ...

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Most Know When Marriage Will End in Divorce

According to author Carl Weisman, people who have serious doubts about getting married should follow their gut instincts and not walk down the aisle. ...

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Lenten Laughs: A Hypocritical Robber

A priest was coming back to his rectory one evening in the dark when he was accosted by a robber who pulled a gun on him and demanded, "Your money ...

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Woman Sells Her Virginity at Auction

Natalie, a 22-year-old woman from San Diego, California, has decided to pay for her Masters Degree by selling something that is precious and belongs only ...

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NFL Star Refuses to Have Sex Before Marriage

NFL running back Shaun Alexander writes:

At the University of Alabama, I was meeting women from a lot of different backgrounds. My mother had taught me ...

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Research Discovers 237 Reasons for Sex

When researchers at the University of Texas at Austin asked 2,000 people why they have sex, there were plenty of answers—237, to be precise. The ...

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