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Research Discovers 237 Reasons for Sex

When researchers at the University of Texas at Austin asked 2,000 people why they have sex, there were plenty of answers—237, to be precise. The most popular answer given by those surveyed was that they felt an attraction for the other person. Others said sex was a chief way to feel closer to someone else or to show someone how much they are loved. Many simply said they had sex because "it feels good" and "it's fun."

Most of the answers were expected, but researchers also received quite a few unexpected reasons for sexual behavior. The more startling included:

• "[I wanted] to boost my social status."

• "[I had sex] because my partner was famous."

• "[I wanted] to get a raise or promotion."

• "[I wanted] to change the topic of conversation."

• "[I wanted] to return a favor."

• "Someone dared me."

• "I wanted to punish myself."

• "I lost a bet."

• "I had sex to keep warm."

• "[I had sex] because my hormones were out of control."

• "[Sex] seemed like good exercise."

• "I wanted to give someone a sexually transmitted disease."

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