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Porn Is Truly a Global Problem

While it is often stated that 90 percent of the world's pornography can be traced back to San Fernando, California, this material reaches around the globe. Pornography knows no geographical, ethnic, gender, or even religious boundaries. Japanese pornography is popular in Indonesia. Even back in 2006, $27 billion was spent in China on pornography and $25 billion in South Korea. Two developing enterprises are found in Ghana and in Nairobi, Kenya. African and Uzbek leaders are upset over the development of pornography in their areas. And pornography is popular in Afghanistan as leaders attempt to prevent it from being accessible at Internet cafes. In 2012 the Muslim world was humiliated when the numbers revealed that pornographic sites were among the most visited sites in Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon. News from Pakistan was not encouraging either when in 2010 Google ranked the country number one in the world in searches for pornographic terms.

And with piracy and the black markets of the world, videos are even influencing peoples living in remote areas. For example, one news reporter traveled to a village in Ghana where people lived in huts but still were able to watch pornographic movies. When the reporter asked how this was possible, he was told that the men and boys would gather in a hut and watch American-made videos while running a generator to produce the necessary power.

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