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Sermon Illustrations about Angels

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Angels to help bring your sermon to life.

Angels Help COVID-19 Patient

Pastor and author Craig Brian Larson writes:

In January, 2021, as the coronavirus continued to spread, we received concerning news from a family in our ...

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The Miracle of Christmas

In an article for Christianity Today Rebecca McLaughlin writes:

I’d just read my four-year-old the story of the angel Gabriel meeting with Mary. ...

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Photobombing Pigeon Spares Driver from Speeding Ticket

Local police are convinced that a driver owes his recent good fortune to divine intervention after a pigeon prevented the person from being cited for ...

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Three-Year-Old Survives Five-Story Drop

Parents and other family members are rejoicing after a three-year-old survived a life-threatening scare.

Police in Stamford responded to the Fairfield ...

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Angels Are Like Hummingbirds, You Have to Have Eyes to See Them

I was visiting a bird-supplies store when I mentioned to the owner that my wife and I had owned a hummingbird feeder but had never once seen a hummer ...

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Painting Shows a Prophet's Change of Course

In the Sacred Museum of the Vatican, there is a sixteenth-century sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini entitled "Habakkuk and the Angel." In this masterpiece, ...

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New Age Author Claims Angels Will Meet Our Needs

Historian Joseph Loconte notes that many people today are still obsessed with angels, particularly angelic beings who seem tailor-made to meet our every ...

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U.S. Adults on Angels, Miracles, and Divine Revelation

Percentage of U.S. adults who say they have:

  • Been protected from harm by a guardian angel: 55 percent

  • Felt called by God to do something: 45 percent

  • Witnessed or experienced miraculous, physical healing: 23 percent

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Comforted by an Angel

Anthony Burger died at age 44. Many feel that he was the finest gospel pianist that ever lived. He spent ten years playing for the Gaither Vocal Band, ...

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Angel Describes Different Prayers

At the beginning of his novel based on the apocryphal book of Tobit, Frederick Buechner captures this wonderful insight on prayer through one of his characters, ...

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