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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Alcoholism to help bring your sermon to life.

Training for Failure

The increase of suicides, alcoholics, and even some forms of nervous breakdowns is evidence that many people are training for success when they should ...

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Ministering in Our Weakness

Elisa Morgan, president of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International, writes:

I'm probably the least likely person to head a mothering organization. ...

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Drinking Alone

A Russian company is trying to help its customers who drink alone. The chatty product is a cap for a vodka bottle that toasts and giggles when twisted. ...

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Max Lucado Confesses Struggle

Author and pastor Max Lucado said that giving up beer helped him get closer to God. Lucado said, "I come from a family of alcoholism. If there's anything ...

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Announcer Pat Summerall Enjoys His Salvation

Pat Summerall, the well known sports announcer, overcame alcoholism and became a follower of Christ in his late sixties. He said this about water baptism: ...

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Teens Drinking Large Amounts of Alcohol

A Reuters article details the epidemic of teen drinking in the United States:

Teen tipplers drink a quarter of all alcohol consumed in the United States, ...

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Hard-Living Grandfather Denies Sin

My mother's grandfather was a coalminer in the hills of eastern Kentucky. She called him Grampa Joe. By all accounts he lived hard, worked hard, and drank ...

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Prisoner of War Finds Living Harder than Death

The obituary of Colonel Floyd J. Thompson said that for nine years he "endured cold cells, jungle cages, and torture in Vietnam, becoming the longest-serving ...

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Jack Bivans Unshackled

For decades Jack Bivans has been one of the radio voices on Unshackled!, the radio theater produced by Chicago's Pacific Garden Mission for over 50 years. ...

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"Smoke Signals": Sin Impacts Children

Smoke Signals, a movie written by a Native American, concerns two friends, Victor (Adam Beach) and Thomas (Evan Adams), who were both saved as infants ...

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