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In Support of Dreamers

The Tyranny of the Rigid

On May 24, 1965, a thirteen-and-a-half-foot boat quietly slipped out of the marina at Falmouth, Massachusetts. Its destination? ...

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Climbing the Wrong Ladder

It's important to use your talents. But if that's the end of it, there is a disillusionment that sets in between the ages of 35 and 50. This is ...

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Success and Service

Toward the end of his life, Albert Einstein removed the portraits of two scientists--Newton and Maxwell--from his wall and replaced them with portraits ...

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Evaluating the Famous

The fame of great men should always be judged by the methods they employed to achieve it.

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Written in Snow

Here is a good searching question for a man to ask himself as he reviews his past life: Have I written in the snow? Will my life-work endure the lapse ...

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The Desire to Be Great

We all want to be great, but we don't want folks to know we want to be great.

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The Danger of Raw Ambition

Raw ambition pours sand in the ministry gears and forces the machinery to produce an unholy product: human pride.

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The Mark of Holy Ambition

A striking mark of holy ambition is that it elevates Christ and not the ambitious striver.

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Ambition May Exceed Gifts

I must face the painful possibility that my ambition may exceed my gifts.

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The Danger of Ambition

The Christian who is ambitious to be a star disqualifies himself as a leader.

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